Talking Scared

113 – Rachel Harrison & Teeth, Needles & Gnomes

October 11, 2022 Episode 113
Talking Scared
113 – Rachel Harrison & Teeth, Needles & Gnomes
Show Notes

Do you know anyone with hairy palms? 

Weird question, but as this week’s novel-in-question will convince you, it’s best to be careful around the hirsute.

Our guest is Rachel Harrison, returning to Talking Scared with her brand new SUCH SHARP TEETH. It’s a tale of small-town relationships, female transformation, love and … werewolves.

Anyone who has read either of Rachel’s previous novels, The Return or Cackle, will know that she has a knack for reinventing horror tropes within snarky satire. Such Sharp Teeth is no different in that regard. Rachel and I talk about messy characters, beastly metaphors, and rage filled rooms. We get into the unexpected earnestness of romance, and we wonder if      horror comedy may well be the best genre to represent contemporary existence.

And stick around because Rachel also has the best ever answer to the question, what truly scares you… 


Such Sharp Teeth is released on October 4th by Berkley.

Other books mentioned in this episode include: 

  • Build Your House Around My Body (2021), by Violet Kupersmith
  • The Return (2020), by Rachel Harrison – episode 17
  • Cackle (2021), by Rachel Harrison 

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