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116 – Brian McAuley & The Delights of Human Evisceration

November 01, 2022 Neil McRobert Episode 116
Talking Scared
116 – Brian McAuley & The Delights of Human Evisceration
Show Notes

Halloween may be over but I trust you aren’t tired of horror? 

No? Good. ‘Cos this week’s guest packs a double-whammy – horror novels and horror movies all in one. Brian McAuley is a screenwriter and debut novelist. His first book, Curse of the Reaper is a behind-the-scenes look at how the horror movie sausage gets made, featuring the greatest slasher icon never to actually exist, and some of the best ‘bad’ scriptwriting you’ll ever read.

Brian and I talk about Hollywood as a place of both cinematic and spiritual horror. We compare our favourite franchises and our love for Robert Englund. We discuss why the genre needs to remember to be fun, and how you can judge a lot from someone’s reaction to the latest Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  

All in all, it’s the perfect book for the day after Halloween – when we just need to keep the horror train rollin’


Curse of the Reaper was released on October 4th by Talos Press.

Other books mentioned in this episode include: 

  • Rootwork (2022), by Tracy Cross
  • Hollywood Monster: A Walk Down Elm Street With the Man of Your Dreams (2009), by Robert Englund and Alan Goldsher
  • The Dark Half (1989), by Stephen King 

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