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160 – Isabel Cañas & Many Types of Bloodsucker

September 12, 2023 Neil McRobert Episode 160
Talking Scared
160 – Isabel Cañas & Many Types of Bloodsucker
Show Notes

I’m back, partially rested and with some romance lingering in my soul. Good timing, cos this week’s episode focuses on the heart as well as the blood that it pumps. 


Isabel Cañas returns to the show to talk about her second novel, Vampires of El Norte – a sweeping historical love-story set against a backdrop of class tumult, war and … yeah… vampires. It’s not a spoiler guys – it’s in the title!


Isabel speaks so eloquently about the relationship between vampirism and cultural legacy, about how it isn’t only the undead who invade your space and drain your essence. She describes the intense, insane schedule of writing the book, how landscape invites the supernatural, Mexican boogeymen and boogeywomen, and historical fiction as feminist conundrum.


Enjoy. With heart, soul and viscera. 


Vampires of El Norte was published on August 15hth by Berkley


Books mentioned:


  • The Hacienda(2022), by Isabel Cañas
  • Mexican Gothic (2020), by Silvia Moreno Garcia
  • Lone Women (2023), by Victor Lavalle
  • Island Witch (forthcoming 2024), by Amanda Jayatissa


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