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167 – Nat Cassidy & A New York State of Death

October 31, 2023 Neil McRobert Episode 167
Talking Scared
167 – Nat Cassidy & A New York State of Death
Show Notes

Sometimes when you’re doing something scary good company can be a blessing. 


Nat Cassidy is good company. And this week he talks me through the haunted hallways and avenues of his New York horror ode, Nestlings – but he also helps me tackle the very real world horror that is turning our newspapers into nightmare-fodder and the Middle East into a tinderbox.


But have no fear (well, always have a little fear!) this is no mere despairing, depressing look at reality. We also talk about gargoyles and vampire-adjacent things, about New York winters and longing for home … and of course, about Stephen King. 




Nestlings was published October 31st by Tor Nightfire


Books mentioned:


Mary: An Awakening of Terror (2022), by Nat Cassidy

Nightmares in the Sky (1988), by Stephen King and F-Stop Fitzgerald

‘Salem’s Lot (1975), by Stephen King

The Shining (1977), by Stephen King

From a Buick 8 (2002), by Stephen King

Rosemary’s Baby (1967), by Ira Levin

The Keep (1981), by F. Paul Wilson

I, Claudius (1934) by Robert Graves

The Guns of August (1962), by Barbara W. Tuchman


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