Talking Scared

176 – The Best Horror Novels of 2023

December 30, 2023 Neil McRobert Episode 176
Talking Scared
176 – The Best Horror Novels of 2023
Show Notes

Another year done. We squeaked through without another plague or a nuclear apocalypse (don’t tempt fate Neil!!) and along the way, oh the stories we read! 


The only thing left to do after mopping away the chalk pentagrams, is to run you through my very favourite books of the year. The so-called Best Horror Novels of 2023, as chosen by me. Ten of them to be precise, cos humans are obsessed with round numbers. Mwaha, in fact I talk about thirteen!!


Thanks again for listening and supporting the show. You give my addled rants a semblance of purpose, and it’s appreciated.


Onward into 2024 and its multitude of horrors!!!




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