Talking Scared

179 – Ally Wilkes & The Ethics of Eating Your Friends

January 23, 2024 Neil McRobert Episode 179
Talking Scared
179 – Ally Wilkes & The Ethics of Eating Your Friends
Show Notes

Are you hungry? 


If so we have a chewy, salty, deeply flavoured feast for you this week. Ally Wilkes returns to Talking Scared to discuss the icebound horrors of her new novel, Where the Dead Wait. It’s a tale of Arctic exploration gone very wrong, complete with haunting, human suffering and the morbid fascination of cannibalism!


Don’t pretend that hasn’t whet your appetite.


Ally and I get into the raw details of consuming human meat, we talk about queerness in historical horror fiction, we discuss the nature of haunting and how a historical horror novel can have links to a sci-fi horror classic, and we talk reminisce about the time Ally nearly died on a Himalaya in an appalling coat.


Jolly good fun wot wot!




Other books mentioned:


All the White Spaces (2022), by Ally Wilke 

The Shining (1977), by Stephen King

What Cares the Sea (1960), by Kenneth Cooke

The Secret Sharer (1910), by Joseph Conrad

Frankenstein (1818), by Mary Shelley

Ice Blink: The Tragic Fate of Sir John Franklin's Lost Polar Expedition (2000), by Scott Cookman

Sundial (2022), by Catriona Ward

Dead Silence (2022), by S.A. Barnes

Ghost Station (2024), by S.A. Barnes

Indianapolis: The True Story of the Greatest Naval Disaster in US History (2018), by Lynn Vincent and Sarah Vladic


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