Talking Scared

37 – A.J. Gnuse and the People Under Your Sink

May 05, 2021 Episode 37
Talking Scared
37 – A.J. Gnuse and the People Under Your Sink
Show Notes

Do you ever feel you’re being watched? Ever caught a flicker from the corner of your eye that you can’t explain? Do you run out of milk more than you think you should?

Maybe, just maybe, there is someone living in your house.

It’s a worldwide phenomenon (just check google) and this week’s guest has turned it into a genre-bending novel that’s tipped as one of THE Gothic reads of 2021. 

A.J. Gnuse’s debut, Girl in the Walls is a literary chiller about grief, loneliness and what the word HOME really means. He joined me to talk through how the book came to be, why a conclusive ending was needed and how the spectre of Hurricane Katrina haunts his fiction. He also tell an especially creepy anecdote about a hidden door in his own home. 

Oh, and I tell a story about a woman who lived inside a stranger’s kitchen cupboard for a year. You can see the chilling footage of her reveal HERE.


Girl in the Walls is published in the UK Fourth Estate and in North American by Ecco Books 

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