Talking Scared

42 - V. Castro and F**K Your Box

June 09, 2021 Episode 42
Talking Scared
42 - V. Castro and F**K Your Box
Show Notes

Maybe it’s the heat but this week we’re getting angry on Talking Scared.

Our guest is V. Castro – author of Goddess of Filth and her newest, Queen of the Cicadas – and she’s full of rage. Thankfully, it’s not directed at me, despite my hideous attempts at Spanish pronunciation. 

Queen of the Cicadas is about identity, folklore and the residue of a decades-old crime that stands as representative of all crimes against Latinx people by an uncaring world. The death of a young girl brings forth the wrath of a violent goddess from the Aztec past …. and stuff goes DOWN!!

V (short for Violet) and I talk about rage, and hate and blood and myth, which all sounds deeply profound. However, we also talk about sex and Candyman, and we put the boot into some other books, so rest assured we don’t take ourselves too seriously!!

But yeah, this is one to get your blood up.


Queen of the Cicadas is published by Flame Tree Press on June 22nd.

 Other books discussed in this episode include:

  • Goddess of Filth (2021) by V. Castro
  • Sed de Sangre (2020), by V. Castro
  • “Cucuy of Cancun” (2020), by V. Castro, in Worst Laid Plans: An Anthology of Vacation Horror, ed. Sam Kolesnik.
  • 2666 (2004), by Roberto Bolaño
  • American Dirt (2019), by Jeanine Cummins
  • Camp Slaughter (2019), by Sergio Gomez
  • Coyote Songs (2018), by Gabino Iglesias
  • Into the Forest and All the Way Through (2020), by Cynthia Pelayo

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