Talking Scared

54 – Stephen Graham Jones and Dancing with the Slasher

September 01, 2021 Neil McRobert Episode 54
Talking Scared
54 – Stephen Graham Jones and Dancing with the Slasher
Show Notes

Talking Scared is a whole year old today, and to celebrate I’ve brought you one of the brightest stars in the horror sky, someone who is getting bigger, better and badder with each book he releases. 

It’s Stephen Graham Jones!

Stephen is here to discuss My Heart is a Chainsaw – his oh-so-meta revision of the slasher movie and the final girl. The book starts dark and gets darker, with references to every single slasher that you’ve seen, as well as plenty you haven’t. If you say you’ve seen them all, you’re lying. 

This isn’t just a rehash of Wes Craven’s Scream, though. As well as the tricks and references, My Heart is a Chainsaw has… well … HEART. Plenty of it. Just as Stephen says in this conversation: sincerity matters. The story matters. 

Stephen and I talk about our favourite slashers, the joy of childhood horror viewing, the pros and cons of the final girl trope and how you blend irony and sincerity in a work of fiction. I take him to task for always killing animals in his stories and he DOES not make it better by telling me why.

Oh, and we both spend a bit of time idolising Joe R. Lansdale. 

Thanks to everyone who has listened this past year. I can’t believe how far we’ve come and this show wouldn’t be what it is without you. Thanks so much. 

Ok, sweetness over with. On with the bloodshed!


My Heart is a Chainsaw was published August 31st by Gallery / Saga in North America and Titan in the UK. 

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